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Majestic Theatre

Majestic Theatre

Sam and Lora (Epperson) Filson built the Majestic Theatre in 1922. They were operating the Filson Mercantile at 5th and Main Street. This was a credit business with farmers borrowing through the year for groceries and merchandise. When a customer, at the end of the day, asked to charge an extra ten (10) cents in order to attend a movie at the Auditorium, the Filson‘s realized they needed to be in the cash business instead of the credit business.

The Filson‘s purchased the large eight-sided auditorium on Court Street and planned to construct a large theatre on Main Street. They invited family to join in the business, but all refused stating movies were only a passing fad and the planned building was too large for Scott City‘s population of fifteen hundred.

Sam and Lora ignored their family and went ahead with plans by using farm labor. A large basement was excavated and local farmers/carpenters built the theatre. Office space above the front provided rentals for local professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, etc., and even Mr. Filson.

In 1922 the Majestic Theatre held the grand opening. The only movies available at that time were silent, however, they had a player piano (in the front of the theatre) where Sam and Lora‘s daughters, Eva and Elma played. Local productions were also held in the theatre along with high school plays and town productions.

In 1941 the Majestic was acquired by the Filson‘s daughter and son-in-law, Fred and Eva Young. Fred and Eva continued to operate the theatre until 1966. Friday and Saturday‘s were the most popular nights with double features of Westerns and other popular hour long movies.

The Majestic is no longer a theatre, but it is now utilized as a restaurant featuring original interior components including a decorative ceiling, wall lighting and large wall dampening tapestries.

Majestic Theater
420 Main Street
Scott City, Kansas
Phone: 620.872.3840
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    420 Main Street
    Scott City, Kansas 67871
    Phone: 620.872.3840
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    • An eating establishment and dinner theatre, restroom available when open